The temperature in our homes is constantly trying to balance.  In the winter, the outside temperature could be 80 degrees lower than the comfortable 68 degrees inside the home. This can and will wreak havoc on the way the home operates. What is an energy conscious home owner to do?

Many of the products that we use at Siding Unlimited preform above Energy Star standards and allow homeowners to receive tax credits.




Clearly the most costly home improvement, but when quality products are purchased, replacing your windows can be the most effective, energy-saving investment.


In old windows, the glass is not insulated and the weatherstripping is non-existent.  They are drafty, not to mention hard to operate, and often unsightly.  Typically, they have the heavy weight cavities with the thick rope that handles the operation of the double hungs.  These old windows prove very costly in that it forces the furnace to kick on more often.  When that furnace is running we certainly are paying for it.  With old windows as well as lesser quality windows, we don’t only pay for it out of the wallet, but also in our continual discomfort.
The windows today, like our Sunrise Windows, contain double sealed glass units that contain Ultra-U coatings and argon gas.  They have multiple weatherstripping all over the window.  Sunrise window frames are insulated.  The drafts are eliminated, they are easy to open and clean, and look beautiful.  We also insulate the old weight cavities if they are present.  Resulting in way more efficient windows, less strain on your furnace, and a more comfortable living scenario.




Homeowners seem to fear two things when it comes to doors – cost and the unknown.  Cost is simple – you really get what you pay for.  The cheap doors are easily dented, have cheaper weather stripping, poor craftsmanship and horrible serviceability.  Siding Unlimited’s doors are more durable, stronger weather stripping, fantastic craftsmanship, and easy to service.


As far as energy efficiency, your old door is probably a solid wood door with single pane of glass.  New doors are foam filled for an R-Value of 13 – much higher than any wood door.  Our glass is double pane, tempered glass for strength and can include low-E.  Magnetic weather stripping so when the door is closed all the weather stripping comes in contact and maintains contact with the door.  Best of all, if the door needs service, we can quite easily adjust the hinges, threshold, or weather stripping.  Since our doors are more energy efficient and built for longevity, we can eliminate drafts for years to come.


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Nobody’s siding is energy efficient, but it’s the insulation we apply to the wall before we install the siding that makes the difference.  By adding insulation to the wall, we are accomplishing two major tasks.  


First, we are creating warmer wall.  The warmer wall will separate the cold in the winter from our warm interior – the more separation, the more  the chance of moisture developing inside the wall cavities is reduced.  Our insulation covers where wall insulation is not – over the wood frame work, over the electrical outlets inside wall, over the sill boxes above the concrete foundation.  Those are all areas where there is a void inside the wall or where insulation cannot be installed – we now can cover it on the outside of the wall and create a warmer wall.  


The second reason we apply wall insulation is for a weather barrier system.  Water can penetrate siding, the insulation provides the important barrier so water doesn’t penetrate the wall.