Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and also the most overlooked. Your roof provides protection for your most prize possessions, but it is often neglected until it leaks. Sometimes cheaper products are used to cut cost. The roof of your home is very important, and this along with correct ventilation from soffit to the ventilation on the roof, are crucial to provide longevity to your shingles and home.

Unfortunately, we have seen what happens when corners are cut by other companies when installing a roof. At Siding Unlimited, our practice is to provide the best products with the best installation techniques to make sure your home is protected for life. The qualified and trained craftsmen on our staff take the installation process very seriously, honoring the manufactures specifications. When found necessary, we exceed those specifications. We use six nails per shingle. Properly placed, this increases the wind rating.

With many manufactures out there, at Siding Unlimited, we have studied and tested them all. Through all the tests, we have determined that that Certainteed and Atlas shingles are the best choice for strength, integrity, longevity, durability and warranties. Both manufactures provide different styles, colors and grades to fit the needs of the customers with out sacrificing quality. All of the products we use are tried and true, include using synthetic under-layments and ice and water shield. These products and installation keep out the elements and preserve your property.